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Why Cairo Is The Hot New Foodie Destination?

If you are a foodie and is completely unabashed because of it then there is news for you at the north eastern part of Africa. The Egyptian capital is home to foodies from all over the world and thus if you have dreamt of diving on to a plate that is heaped with macaroni béchamel then you are at the right place. There are tones of dishes that can be found in the country because which are unexpectedly tasty. Right from local variation of many Italian classics that are baked and smothered with béchamel sauce to a lot more, can be expected. The place has had a long term influence from Arabs, French, British and the Ottomans. Here is why it is the ultimate destination.

Rich flavors
An Egypt Tour Guide shall take you to a gastronomic tour besides the usual land or river cruise. You shall come across that the cuisine in the country is dominated by unique carbs, fava beans and rich flavors. While many food trends that are specifically international may have made their way into the capital yet the cult street food which is Egyptian stays to be an all time favorite. There has been a tremendous resurgence of the food native to the capital with modern twists. Many homegrown outlets have been serving takes on the food that is traditional. The success can be owed to breaking away from the norm that "international food is better" along with consumer habits.

Restaurants galore
Since late 2011 there have been more seven thousand restaurants that have opened doors, across cities. If you are traveling with an Egypt Tour Guide then you shall know that variety have cuisines have also been introduced. This massive change can be credited to the fact that foodie websites and social media have opened new avenues. The standards and food knowledge of people have changed. Business of food has been booming because the consistent demand for interesting as well as new concepts. New breed restaurants have made their mark and there are few dishes in the eateries that have night availability. Some dishes are also made as and when the seasonal produce is procured.

Food that is lip smacking
Just like the country Egyptian cuisine is nothing short of a mystery. There are dishes that make tourists visit the country each year. These include Koshary that is one dish made of macaronilentils and rice and sautéed in a sauce that comprises vinegar as well as tomato. It is being termed as a new cultural phenomenon. You shall dig on to the Fitter baladi, Ful Madamas, Mahshi, falafel, molokhia, kofta and kababs. For the ones who have sweet tooth you can devour some amazing desserts that include Um ali, Knafa, basboosa and baklava.

A fabulous food stop
The capital city is so much more than just pyramids. There are numerous options when it comes to food and your lone stomach needs to have a bit of adjustment made for all the delicious items. When in the country you shall have no "rest days " for your tummy

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