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Where Do Food Bloggers in Sydney Go to Eat?

Where Do Food Bloggers in Sydney Go to Eat?
Sydney is known for its amazing restaurants and dining precincts, making it a favourite haunt for the food bloggers across the land. Here are some places which the food bloggers love!
If there’s one thing all Australians can agree on, it would be that the beloved continent has a rich culinary tradition that embraces all cuisines across the globe as its own. And how do we know this? Through the harbingers of good food news aka the food bloggers. At the turn of the past decade, we saw an emerging horde of foodies taking over various social media platforms and they became the guiding light for the fellow foodies and restaurateurs in their own locality. Sydney being the most densely populated city in the country, it is also home to a large number of food bloggers who are keen about journaling the city’s latest eating habits and food trends. Let’s take a look at some of the best food destinations in the city that have become the favourite place of food bloggers. 

The world-famous Sydney Harbour has gained traction among the traveller communities since ages now. But over the years, the place has also been a burgeoning food destination putting up a great competition for the rest of the food precincts in the city. Whether it’s a multi-hatted waterfront harbourside restaurants, cafes or a luxury lunch or dinner cruise in Sydney, you are sure to run into a food blogger somewhere in there capturing their best plates of food. Some of the best places out here are Catalina Restaurant at Rose Bay, Bennelong at Sydney Opera House, Aria Restaurant, Cafe Sydney, Quay Restaurant and more. For a dynamic dine-with-a-view experience, a harbour cruise dinner is a great choice often opted by the food bloggers in the city. Here’s one of our favourite picks for you: a glassboat dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour that provides a truly sophisticated cruise dining experience. Don’t forget to try out their signature menu. 

Sydney Fish Market 

This market has been in Sydney since the 1870s and it has evolved into a vibrant place where people not only come to buy fish but also eat and shop for other non-seafood items such as vegetables, breads, cakes, flowers, beverages and so on. There is also a seafood cooking school here at the market. The Market also has a number of live kitchens where you can pick your favourite kind of fish, prawns or oysters to be prepared right in front of you by skillful chefs. The quality of the fish served here is of an unmatched standard as there is a quality index used by the Market that measures changes in chilled seafood over a period of time. For this reason and more, the market has become a favourite place for the food bloggers across the land. 


Almost all the major cities in the world have a Chinatown. The one in Sydney is widely praised as Australia’s best for its eclectic range of restaurants. Located on pedestrianised Dixon Street between Central Station and Darling Harbour, Chinatown is a chic urban precinct that is home to a smorgasbord of Asian-style food and shopping experiences. Food bloggers come here looking for cuisines such as Korean, Malaysian, Vietnamese and above all, the heart-warming Chinese food. For the best Cantonese dining experience, the food bloggers equivocally agree on the long-established Golden Century Seafood Restaurant. 

Bondi Beach

The city of Sydney is famous for its stunning beaches and Bondi is probably the most popular of them all. The famous Icebergs Dining Room is situated at Bondi Beach and it’s a much sought-after place by the foodies across the country. With a modern Italian cuisine, a seasonal menu and front-row seats that overlook the beach, Bondi Icebergs have created a winning combination. For a cheaper and cheerful experience

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