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What To Take On A Safari To Uganda?

Pack Practical Clothing

One of the most essential items when walking somewhere like the Murchison Falls National Park or in scrubland is a well -worn pair of walking boots. A top tip is to wear them on the outbound flight. If your luggage is delayed you can buy basics locally but not those comfy boots. Although you are heading to a hot climate take a rain jacket. The weather is unpredictable in jungle areas and downpours are common when gorilla tracking. Pack a mix of short and long sleeved shirts. At dusk the mosquitoes are at their busiest and avoiding bites is essential on an African safari. Malaria is a significant risk in Africa so do ensure you have your anti- malarial medication with you as well as insect repellent.

Take Good Camera Gear
If you are planning to go on safari Uganda is an excellent choice as you'll encounter many different species of animal. Make sure you pack a good pair of binoculars for bird watching and other sightings in top destinations like Queen Elizabeth National Park. Make sure you have zoom lenses and know how to use them as you see unforgettable sights. Do take extra camera cards and a battery pack as you don't want to run out of power in the safari park. A power pack for charging up equipment is another handy item to take on an African safari holiday when access to a charger may not be readily available.

Have Useful Kit
Many safari holidays involve camping and whilst a lot of destinations are well equipped it is always worth packing a few useful travel gadgets. For a hands free bathroom experience in the dark pack a head torch. These are also useful for those early morning starts to see dawn animal sightings. A good pair of sunglasses is essential too, as is a sun hat. The heat of the day in places like Bwindi National Park can be deceptive and you'll need to protect yourself against sunstroke. I always take a small notebook and pen to jot down names of plants or animal species and those unique anecdotes from the trackers. They are all too easy to forget after a day of wildlife watching and gorilla tracking.

Uganda safari holidays are an unforgettable experience. By travelling light with the correct gear you'll have the journey of a lifetime and see more than you ever thought possible. Go ahead and book that gorilla watching experience in Uganda today.

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