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The Sabine River For A Little Relaxation

Have you ever drove through a town, one you've been driving through for most of your life and felt like you were someplace else? Did it seem somewhat different for some reason or another? Maybe they've added a new store or shut down an existing one. Recently, the old bridge in town has been torn down and a new one has replaced it, along with a new highway and route in and out of town; that's exactly how I felt on several occasions driving through town lately. Construction is still under way and before long, we'll have two bridges, one East bound and the other West bound. Strange as it seems it's the same town with the same handful of shops and people in it. Nothing much has changed except the new bridge and reroute through town.

The town of Logansport is a small with 1500 plus people if that. Here, there is a beautiful public library, a doctor's office, a couple of dollar stores, a school, a drug store and a handful of shops, a truck stop, car dealership, and several restaurants. What makes Logansport so unique is that it sits on the riverbank of the Sabine River, better known as the mouth of Toledo Bend. For years people have come here for relaxation and fishing. We do not have a motel or bed and breakfast, but there are a couple of RV parks in town for like minded people. Across the river about a mile on the Texas side, there is a motel, a grocery story, a truck stop and several restaurants for your perusal.

When you cross over the bridge you're on Texas soil. Although the town is small in comparison to places like Shreveport or Dallas, there are some remarkable festivities throughout the year. The Logansport Chamber of Commerce has provided readers with the following information regarding annual festivals and events in Logansport.

Mardi Gras Ball: Every year, we have a Mardi Gras Ball to honor the King and Queen, members, and sponsors. There is always live entertainment.

Mardi Gras Parade: The streets are lined with people waiting for the parade every year. Beads and trinkets are tossed to the onlookers.

Sand Bass Tournament: The annual Sand Bass Tournament is held on the Sabine River at the beginning of The Toledo Bend Reservoir.

River City Fest: River City Fest is held on the banks of the Sabine River in the Dennis Freeman Riverfront Memorial Park usually the first weekend of May.

July 4th Celebration: Come out or stay the day for the best free fireworks show over the Sabine River in DeSoto Parish. You can come out early or stay the day! Take time for a picnic, a cruise on the river and an evening of fireworks.

River City Christmas Festival and Parade

If you like to fish, you don't have to wait for the Bass Tournament to throw out your hooks. There is a bait store down by the riverfront for your fishing needs. A quiet afternoon on the riverbank or a stroll in the park is just what the doctor ordered for some of you so come on down and enjoy yourself. Bring a picnic lunch or eat at one of the local restaurants.

Stroll through the shops downtown or go by the library, pick up a good book and sit by the fireplace for a spell. Relax and enjoy...

Small towns have festivities to offer. Sometimes, you can have the best time in a small town setting

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