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The Most Unique Accomodations in British Columbia

Tired of the same old regular hotel accommodations? British Columbia is full of unique, odd, and amazing places to stay! Here is a list of the most unique places to stay in BC:

Tuckwiowhum Village - Spend the night in a TEEPEE! While you are there, explore the village and take a tour of the summer lodges, smokehouses, earth ovens, and sweat lodges!

Rockwater Secret Cove Resort - What is better than a secret resort nestled on the rocks? The Secret Cove Resort is a great romantic getaway, or an excellent place to enjoy nature and explore your adventurous side!

Free Spirit Spheres - We all dream of treehouses as children, but this is a real life treehouse for adults! A sphere accommodation nestled high in the trees, Free Spirit Spheres is at the top of the list when it comes to the "unique" factor!

Cloud Camp - Cloud camp is exactly what it sounds to be - a campout 4,500 feet above sea! Take your own personal helicopter into the clouds and camp out in the mountains for an amazing adventure you will never forget.

Snow Hotel Soiree - Think you have what it takes to survive a harsh Canadian winter? Why not try one night in a real ICE hotel first? Take a helicopter to your own personal ice hotel and spend the day exploring ice caves, walking on glaciers, and mobiling through the snow!

Build your Own Igloo - If staying in an ice hotel sounds like it's right up your alley, BC also offers the experience of sleeping in an igloo - that you will build yourself!

Orca Camp - One of the most amazing things about British Columbia is its wildlife. Whale watching is one of the most popular activities in BC, and at Orca camp you set up tent for the night and watch the Orcas right in front of your abode! If you want to get even closer, you can opt to go kayaking with the Orcas for an up close and personal experience like no other.

Sleep in a Wagon - In Cache Creek, BC you can forgo your high class accommodations to sleep in a wagon! The wagons are housed on a historic 1860's ranch where you can learn archery, go horseback riding, or explore paths taken by Gold Rush Travellers.

Alpine Resort - Many people visit BC for its amazing ski hills! At the Alpine Resort you have your choice of accommodation including lodges, cottages, hotel rooms, and more - all while enjoying as much ski time as you like

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