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the Majestic Attractions of Costa Rica

Things to see in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of my favorite countries of Central America. In my opinion this beautiful country is like a mini jungle, with lush vegetation and stunning wildlife, incredible landscapes and fantastic beaches. Undoubtedly is a little country that has it all!

I was thinking about the most beautiful places I've seen on earth and the only thing I could think of was Costa Rica. Beautiful green areas and impressive sights that won't leave anyone indifferent. Among my favorite spots I can name the following:

  • Arenal Volcano

An active volcano located in the north-western area of Costa Rica, few kilometers from the city center of San Jose. The volcano offers stunning spectacle to its visitors.

The volcano is surrounded by a tropical rain-forest providing one of the most scenic landscapes of Costa Rica. Probably a visit to an active volcano doesn't sound like a romantic getaway, but give it a chance! In Arenal area visitors find a unique Spa Thermal Resort.

The Tabacon Spa is a luxury hotel with hot springs. The hotel is beautiful with fantastic rooms and incredible amenities, but is quiet expensive... For those young travelers who want to enjoy the experience and are not guests of the hotels,Tabacon offers a "Day pass".

The Day Pass have a cost of around 100$ (on 2015) but includes a fantastic "a la carte" menu and also the chance to enjoy the pools, stroll along the gardens and a nice dinner.

The hot spring pools are fantastic, romantic, relaxing... just perfect. It is probably one of the best experiences I had in Costa Rica.

  • Catarata La Fortuna

The district of Fortuna offers beautiful areas and this waterfall is other fantastic gem of the northern area of Costa Rica. On the 90's I went to Niagara Falls, let's face it... Fortuna's waterfall is not as amazing as Niagara Falls, but has a special charm that makes it beautiful.

To reach the waterfall you have to visit the national park of Fortune, then you must descend among the lush vegetation, until you arrive to a place that looks virgin, not crowded and is extremely beautiful.

The waterfall drops about 70-75 meters. According to the information I found about this place: "The waterfall is fed by the river Tenorio, which travels through Sierra Arenal (rain-forest) until plunges into the cliff, forming this beautiful waterfall".

The water of the river is cold. I visit this place on December and also on May and I think that on December, the water was even colder, but after the walk, the water temperature is just fine.

  • Manuel Antonio Park

Oh! Manuel Antonio it is one of my favorite places in Costa Rica... This park in on the southern area of Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast is a wonderful place for being in contact with the nature of this beautiful country.

The beach is beautiful with fine white sand surrounded by a forest. The park is full of monkeys and raccoons, but not full of people! For some reason Manuel Antonio is not a crowded area... I seriously don't understand why. In any case is a place that invites to reflection, you can sit down and admire the scenic landscape. A visit to Manuel Antonio is a must if you decided to visit Costa Rica.

If you want to travel in style you should stay at a fantastic hotel in this area. The best is to book hotels online in advance to avoid pay extra money on accommodation.

  • Tortuguero National Park

Located in the north-eastern area of Costa Rica is probably one of the most famous parks of Costa Rica and for a good reason: Tortuguero National Park is one of the most important places for spawning for turtles.Tortuguero is one of the most popular destination for those travellers who wants to visit scenic places with rich biodiversity.

The canals, rivers, beaches and lakes all these areas are a living laboratory of the rain-forest, marine biology and freshwater. Without any doubt is a fantastic place for nature lovers. I suggest you to check out a calendar and visit Tortuguero during the dates when the little turtles begin to break their eggs and leave the nest in order to start their fantastic journey to the sea... is undoubtedly a fantastic spectacle and a real miracle of nature.

  • Poas Volcano

This volcano is a powerful symbol of the forces of nature that formed this beautiful country. This is an active volcano, as Arenal, but that doesn't mean you will see lava and eruptions... The volcano is active and you can see it at its crater, that is surrounded by smoke. At the bottom of the crater you can see the sulfuric, bubbling and green lake.

Do you know which volcano has the largest active crater in the world? if you think is Poas... You are right!

Poas Volcano is a fantastic place for hiking. There are two main trails, one that leads you through the forest to the crater and other that takes you to the lagoon. In your way to these 2 beautiful places you can see beautiful birds such as toucans, flycatchers, hummingbirds and national bird of Costa Rica... The Quetzal.

  • Safety tips

Costa Rica is not a dangerous country... you don't have to be extremely cautious but don't forget that you are a tourist and you can be an easier target. Avoid being in the city centre too late at night, is safer be at the touristic areas. Locals are nice and warm but as in most countries on earth, not all of them will try to help you with good intentions

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