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Some Extraordinary Spots to Visit in Sydney

Some Extraordinary Spots to Visit in Sydney

The year 2021 is in the closure and 2022 is on its way to embrace you with new surprises, special events, and happiness. Are you planning something special for the upcoming fiesta? Do you have any pla...

The year 2021 is in the closure and 2022 is on its way to embrace you with new surprises, special events, and happiness. Are you planning something special for the upcoming fiesta? Do you have any plans to travel with your friends and family somewhere far away from your hometown? Here goes the list of some amazing destinations around Sydney to spend the special day in full joy and vigour. 

Sydney Harbour

Harbour is usually described as the heart of Sydney where lies the best of city marvels. Sydney nye cruises are quite popular as one of the best things to do whilst visiting Australia on a New Year’s Eve. Get on board a glass boat, or an authentic paddle wheeler with a show, or even a budget friendly luxury catamaran. Enjoy the best ever cruising experience and special fireworks display from the water for almost 7 hours. Experience high quality restaurant style dining, freshly cooked seafood and meat inspired menu, and a selection of premium Australian red, white and sparkling wines, beers, and soft drinks. Dance on the floor while enjoying the on board music and DJ. Catch sight of the breathtaking man made architectural wonders such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Click some amazing photographs in the spectacular background. Let the colour and light enhance your spirit. Make sure that you never miss the New Year’s Eve cruises in Sydney.

Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Walking through this award winning garden is a one-of-a-kind experience whilst visiting Sydney in Australia. The Reservoir is a heritage-listed public park where you can go with your family and friends to enjoy your special day. The park consists of a street level that is accessible all times and a lower chamber that can be accessed by an elevator only during daylight. The reservoir was Sydney’s third water supply system built around 1815. It was considered as the most wanted water source during the 19th century. The reservoir is quite famous due to its architectural similarity towards the ancient Baths of Caracalla in Rome and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The park can also be considered as one of the best urban renewals since it keeps the grand old charm. You can walk through the wide green paths while enjoying the best scenic sights. Photography is not allowed unless you are permitted to do so. 


Narooma is a town in the state of New South Wales in Australia famous for Aborginal cultural practices, beaches, and rock formations. If you are fascinated about the Aborginal culture and its practices kick start your journey from this town and learn their history, stories, and lifestyle. You can go for ‘Ngaran Ngaran Gulaga Creation Tour’ and explore the history and interesting narratives about Dreamtime Stories and Creation Myth. The Aboriginals are deeply connected to their land and water and established a spiritual connection with natural phenomena. Aboriginals considered as the first and original inhabitants of the land and the holders of the oldest continuing culture. Let the New Year teach you something new. 

Three Sister Rocks

Blue Mountain Tour to the iconic Three Sisters rock formation is an unparalleled experience whilst visiting New South Wales. It is located near Katoomba and plays an important part in the local Aboriginal history and culture. The Aborginal history names these three rocks and often associates them with other group of Legends. This spectacular landmark has a breathtaking view all day. The rock formation offers best views of the morning sunrise, magnificent evening

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