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'Big' Shop #1

When I did the inventory yesterday in readiness for our shopping trip, I found 3 out of date items.  I was cross with myself because we only moved to the bungalow 3 months ago so should have noticed when I first put them away.  There was a jar of pasta sauce, some chickpeas and a tin of chopped tomatoes all 6 months out of date.  I threw them in the bin to be on the safe side although I know some people would have tried them.  That cannot happen again!

If I had been left to my own devices I wouldn't have done a 'big' shop today, it would have been left until the weekend at least. But with G on board for this challenge he was uncomfortable with being out of routine so we shopped 🙄

We got some salmon for tonight which was on offer at £2.95, a pack of Youngs fish for £1.00 and 3 ready meals for G for £6.00. The fish and ready meals have been put in the freezer for next week (the ready meals are useful for when G comes home from work at the weekend as they are quick to microwave).  The frozen fruit will be useful for breakfasts and fruit crumbles or with yogurt or ice cream for a pudding.....

A TV guide and other bits and pieces.... 

It all came to £20.38, leaving a respectable £29.62 on the gift card... 

If there's one thing I learned today it's that I HATE shopping instore. I HATE queuing.  It was busy and I couldn't get out quickly enough 😱

Asda milk was 89p today so I took a quick trip to Sainsburys where I could buy it for 63p.  It seemed daft to spend £1.26 cash when I could buy some cakes as well and pay just 26p by using Nectar points 😁 Therefore £2.50 Nectar points and 26p cash was spent

Thanks for popping in.

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

Funds:  Nectar points £32.50/ spent £2.50

            Asda Gift Voucher £50 (G's gift from work)spent £20.38

            Boots Loyalty points £14.77/ spent £7.36

            Tesco coupon     £1.50  (found a bit tatty and neglected in my purse) spent

            G's Nectar points £7.50  

            Cash spent 41p

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