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Second Spend of the Year

G decided to let slip this morning that he is almost out of shower gel 😕 and as we always order two boxes of paracetamol each week in the online delivery ( no deliveries booked for January )  it was deemed sensible to visit Boots Pharmacy in the village and use some of my loyalty points to pay for them.  I bought a couple of other things which  we were almost out of too.....

They cost a total of 736 points (£7.36) leaving 741 points (£7.41) for later in the month when we might need more paracetamol or things like toothpaste.  It saves using the small grocery budget for such things this month.....

I did a quick inventory of the contents of the fridge in readiness for our Asda shop tomorrow.  I really don't want to spend more than £25 of the gift card value so that we can do another shop with it in a couple of weeks,  G always buys loads of chocolate to take to work at the weekend and keeps it at the very top of the fridge door so that I'm not tempted.  Consequently, we end up with big wrappers from the multipack containing just one bar 😡 I emptied them all out and saw this message on the wrapper just as I was binning it....

WHAT a message!  What a bad example to set the kids of today.  If I saw my kids or Grandchildren doing that I would tell them off instantly. 

What do you think? Has anyone ever seen this before?

Thanks for popping in today.

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

Funds:  Nectar points £32.50

            Asda Gift Voucher £50 (G's gift from work)

            Boots Loyalty points £14.77/ spent £7.36

            Tesco coupon     £1.50  (found a bit tatty and neglected in my purse) spent

            G's Nectar points £7.50  

            Cash spent 15p

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