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My Kingdom for a Lemon!

 G tootled off to work just before 9am and won't be home until 4.30pm so it's been a day of catching up with chores and errands. I wanted to buy a single lemon so that I can make G a lemon drizzle cake for his birthday tomorrow so popped to Sainsburys. As luck would have it, they only had bags of lemons at £1.60 a bag 😳 I gave them a wide berth but took the opportunity of buying some groceries for the food bank trolley from my pocket money. One job done! 

Next stop was the hospice shop in the village to drop in some handmade cards for them to sell. I took 26, so potentially £26 worth if they sell well. I promised to pop back in a couple of weeks to see if they were selling. If so I will make them some more assorted ones. Two jobs done! 

I need petrol so might go to Morrisons tomorrow and see if they have a single lemon there. If not, I can make G something else while he's at work. 

The family were coming to visit this afternoon but our 14 Yr old Grandson had his second Covid jab yesterday and feels a bit under the weather so they are not coming. A pity but understandable.

 G has requested one of his ready meals tonight so it will be chilli and rice (the planned beef stew will stay in the freezer until another time)  I fancied something hot for lunch so I cooked a cheese and onion plait to have with all the past-their-best salad bits in the bottom drawer of the fridge. That reminds me.... I must put carrots on next week's shopping list.....

Nothing spent from the challenge budget....

Thanks for popping in.

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

Funds:  Nectar points £32.50/ spent £2.50

            Asda Gift Voucher £50 (G's gift from work)spent £20.38

            Boots Loyalty points £14.77/ spent £7.36

            Tesco coupon     £1.50  (found a bit tatty and neglected in my purse) spent

            G's Nectar points £7.50  

            Cash spent 41p

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