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Night parties, overflowing drinks, too much crowd, polluted shoreline, and so on are the prevailing comments we see (or hear) referring to the famous island of Boracay nowadays. This is not so surprising since the island has become one of the most, if not the top, prominent tourist destination in the country over the years. Just like any other now-commercialized tourist destination islands, Boracay was once a quiet and more picturesque island than it is today. I can definitely and personally attest to that owing to my first ever Boracay experience that can be dated back to 1999.

Roughly, fourteen years after my first visit. I took my wife, and I decided to have our 2nd honeymoon there to renew our vows. We were booked for a 4-days, 3-night stay on December 10-13, 2013. A month prior to our travel date, the Philippines was hit by super typhoon 'Yolanda' (Haiyan) where most of the Eastern Visayas Region was hit, including Boracay. Flights were cancelled and guests were stranded for a couple of days. Some of the guests scheduled after the typhoon up until those booked around December, foreign and local, intentionally cancelled their hotel bookings upon seeing how massive the damage was and expecting major rehabilitation and on-going relief operations. And so, I made sure that hotels and commercial establishments were up and running before we came. I kept on trying to recall the vivid memory I had in Boracay when I first came to visit. It's a bit hard but one thing's for sure: I cannot, in any way, remember any resorts and restaurants just right along the shore line. In a normal pace, December would have been a peak season in Boracay but because of the typhoon, we were lucky to have witnessed what Boracay is like during the lean season.

I was looking for the "crowded and polluted shoreline" side of Boracay which I had seen countless times in the news and in Facebook. I was, in a way, frustrated because I saw it myself that Boracay was not as exploited as how they portray it to be. There were only a few people and it was peaceful, and the water was so clear. The beach was still picturesque just the way I remembered it fourteen years ago.

After more than a year I had, once again, an opportunity to go to Boracay, this time together with my growing family. Around first week of April 2015 when my wife was four months pregnant, I had a chance to see Boracay on a peak season. So, again the beach was filled with a plethora of beach going vacationers. All frolicking on the white sand of the beach by day and partying in one of the many night clubs and bars at night

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