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7 Fun Things to Do in Khaosan Road

One of Thailand's best-known places that every backpacker and tourist should visit is the Khaosan Road. Khaosan road offers almost everything to budget and solo travelers. It is a small road located in Bangkok's metropolitan area and considered as the backpacker's center in the city.

Although Khaosan Road is admittedly more crowded today, it still gives a lot of reasons for visitors to keep coming, from cheap accommodation to exotic foods. And if you have just touched down in Bangkok, here are some suggestions on what to do in Khaosan Road.

1. Shop 'til you drop. If you love shopping and getting unique clothing pieces, head to the street markets and stores for bohemian clothes, embroidered Thai tops, formal suits, souvenirs, swimsuits, and more. Prices, however, may be a bit high; so, it is a perfect place to practice your bargaining skills.

Before you start shopping, be sure to have a big shopping bag. Also, dress appropriately. Wear comfortable shoes because walking all day can be tough on your feet; that's why it's worth to wear the right shoe.

2. Enjoy a food trip. Have a taste of Thailand by visiting eateries that offer real Thai cuisine and Thai vegetarian menu. A decent selection of Thai dishes is available, including crab curry, streetside Pad Thai, and freshly made spring rolls. There are also restaurants that serve Italian food, Indian dishes, and Western cuisine.

If you are aiming for an adventurous and one-of-a-kind food trip, try eating crunchy and gooey cockroaches, grasshopper, scorpions, and spiders. Eating bugs and insects will definitely make your Thailand trip memorable. Capture your exotic experience by taking a picture or video while eating.

3. Check out Khaosan Museum. In a two-floor vintage house, which was built since King Rama V era, you will find the restaurant called Chez Bruno on the first floor and a cosy museum on the second floor. The good thing is that the entrance fee is free. Though the museum is very small, it contains solid substances, especially the history of and 3D area model of Khaosan road.

4. Visit Wat Chana Songkram. Situated in the center of the backpacker area near Khaosan Road is the temple of Wat Chana Songkram. Inside is an impressive altar with its golden Buddha image in front of a large fan and ceremonial umbrella above. When entering the temple, make sure to wear proper attire.

5. Get inked. Having a tattoo should be on your Thai bucket list. There are lots of tattoo parlours in Khaosan Road and it's easy to find one. Get yourself an oriental tattoo such as snake and dragon, or a graphic tattoo like tribal and geometric. You can also have amazing smaller tattoos, ranging from lettering to flowers.

While there are many tattoo shops you can choose from, pick the one that is reputable and has consistently delivered a high standard of service. Read reviews and guide blogs online to help you decide.

6. Experience nightlife. A different side of Thailand is revealed at night. With cheap drinks and great live music in bars, the nightlife in Khaosan Road is an exciting experience. Disco bars are a happy mix of local and foreign faces; so, it's a good place to meet new friends.

If you are a partygoer, Khaosan road is the fun choice for a night out with your friends. It's the ultimate all-night party zone in Bangkok. Most bars play a selection of modern EDM and are open until 4 a.m.

7. Relax with a massage. Don't leave Khaosan Road without getting a Thai massage. After a tiring day of shopping or staying up all night, pamper yourself with a one-hour traditional Thai massage. It can cost as low as 150 Baht

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