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5 Tips to Connect With the Nature in This Busy World

We, humans, know how important it is to connect with the nature in this busy world to let us know the beauty within the mother planet to realize what we are gifted with be it the free-flowing rivers or the green luscious mountains and the evergreen forests. Day to Day life is passing with blur lights, blaring sounds and sound of the people around us. Connecting with nature not only let us find peace in our busy lives but also enriches us as an individual. It allows us to see every living thing in an intricate manner. So here are some ways by which we can awaken our senses and deeply understand our nature's cycle.

1. Feel the earth beneath you- Grounding activities such as Yoga, Running are great for connecting us back to nature. We are often separated from the ground we walk on, as our treaded path is paved with concrete, cement or carpet. Rebalance this by walking on the green luscious grass, into the mud or leaving behind footprints on the sand.

2. Take a walk and absorb it all- It only takes 10 minutes of your day starting from point A to point B but the essential part is don't be in a rush to complete it. Just let yourself soak into nature absorbing the beauty of nature around us observing the pattern of trees or flowers around this can prove to be a stress reliever for all of us where we forget all our stress and worries and just soothe our nerves in nature.

3. Align your Day with the sunny boy- To start with, begin your night ritual or routine when the sun sets or rises. Generations before us would call it a day when the sun would set and their body systems would be much aligned with the sun and the moon definitely than ours are. By surrounding ourselves with mobile phones, Laptops etc we seem to misalign our natural body clocks which makes it difficult for us to wind up each night. The additional experiment of this is to spend one night without switching the lights on in the house after sunset to allow your body to truly adjust to nature.

4. Shovel it up to start a patch- Gardening can prove to be healing and grounding for our overall environment around as maintaining a small patchy area in our garden or backyard we can grow some herbs or organic veggies for ourselves. The beauty of slowing down, moving with what feels natural is such a poignant lesson that we can learn from watching seeds grow into plants.

5. Go to a jungle resort for a jungle safari- Going on a jungle safari is the next thing on our bucket list as experiencing the beauty of the wild green forests helps us to know what we really miss in the big concrete jungles may it be the flora and fauna of the forests or its raw untouched existence from the city. Living in the jungle resort it gives us a feeling of being close to nature

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