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Veg War and An Education in Sewing

It's difficult not to notice the veg price war going on at the moment.  When I popped into Sainsburys there was a whole load of veg bags near the front entrance priced at just 19p each.  I bought 500g parsnips, 500g of sprouts (we still have some growing on the allotment but I thought we could save those for later in the new year) and another swede all at 19p each.  They are beautifully fresh and I noticed there are potatoes, carrots, red cabbage and white cabbage all in the offer too.  I might get some more next week....

......A bit of research shows that Morrisons have theirs priced at 40p each or £1 for 3,  Tesco's are priced at 19p but you need to have their loyalty card,  Aldi have a variety also at 19p.  I just wish they would use veg as a loss leader more often.  It would be a big help to families struggling to put food on the table.

Thanks to all who commented on my last post and the 'Singing Neep' 😀I thought I would just reiterate how easy it is:

Take a swede (unwrapped obvs!) I give mine a rinse and pat dry but you don't have to, and bung it in the microwave sitting on a plate (because it gets a bit messy) there's no need to pierce it Microwave on full (mine is 800w) for about 20 minutes, turning it over a couple of times as it cooks.  When a sharp knife goes in easily, it's done.  I let it rest for a few minutes then cut and scoop out the soft flesh.  It will keep in the fridge for a day or two or can be frozen and reheated another time. Easy peasy and delicious too!

This morning I have enjoyed ironing for the first time in months. I set up the board in our lovely warm kitchen and listened to the Christmas music and carols on Classic FM.  It was lovely 😊  I washed a load of towels, tumble dried them and put them away at the same time.  Then a sandwich and a bowl of yesterday's homemade veg soup for lunch.  Satisfying 😜

Whilst ironing I noticed how tatty my T shirts are becoming.  They've been worn almost non-stop over the last 2 years and are shabby.  I cut up one of them with my pinking shears to make a couple of  lint free cloths for cleaning windows but need to make the others last until Spring.  I do have a couple of newish jumpers to wear over Christmas. I haven't bothered to buy anything new because we could be under lockdown again at any time and, anyway, money is tight since the move.

I got to thinking about sewing....

When I was at junior school I was taught to use a sewing machine, the kind where you turn the handle, and at the age of about 10 was tasked with making some pyjamas for myself.  I can't remember whether mum had to buy a pattern as well as the wincyette material to make them but I know it must have been difficult for her as I am the middle one of 3 children and she didn't work.  Anyway, I got the pattern and material and really enjoyed making my PJ's.  I did the buttonholes by hand and I do remember they had a collar too.  I LOVED those PJ's and wore them until the hems almost reached my knees and the buttons were stretched to bursting point across my chest!!

What was the first thing you made?

Thanks for popping in and stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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