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Officially Excited!

 We are now into December and on the countdown to Christmas Day, so I can officially get excited! 😇

We collected the door wreath yesterday and that always puts me in a good mood.  I can smell the fresh foliage every time I lock or unlock the door 😊  We have free tickets to the concert at the village church on 18th (although we will have to pay to get out! Seriously, just a collection ....) and I'm going to see our Granddaughter in the dance show on Sunday afternoon, God willing.  There will be temperature checks at the door and masks are mandatory so I should feel safe for the couple of hours the show lasts.  The school performance on 16th has been cancelled though, which is a shame because all the dancers have worked so hard in after school rehearsals. 

All my Christmas cards have been written and either handed out or posted, money has been popped into envelopes,  gifts, gift wrap and gift bags have been purchased, salmon has been ordered for Boxing Day when the family will descend on us for the day,  supermarket deliveries have been booked right up to 20th December , so all that is left to do is to buy fresh salad stuff on Christmas Eve when I collect the order.  Phew....Order has been restored 😀 AND BREATHE.......

There is enough money in the joint account to pay any bills which are due right up to the middle of January.  G is paying for me to have my hair cut next week and I have a dental checkup on 13th (money from the joint a/c)   My car MOT is due on 15th.  The £47 cost is in the account but I desperately hope it will pass it's MOT as I have no more money.  There's £15 in my purse and 34p in my bank account to last until 31st December 😰

How are you doing with your preparations?

Thanks for popping in and stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x

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