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New Book and Sharing The Spoils

I have had the new Richard Osman book for a few weeks but have been saving it until after Christmas so that I had something to look forward to. I began reading yesterday and am loving it. I can hardly bear to put it down! He writes in a style which shows he understands certain characters so well and portrays them in a very entertaining manner.  The police officers are.... Um... unusual..... but they are brilliant 👍😂

After being indoors for several days, G and I felt the need for some fresh air so this morning I made sandwiches and we tootled off to the allotment to check everything is ok. It's looking very bare apart from the sprouts... 

We cut some and gave the larger one to my brother and the smaller one to some new neighbours. And, yes, we did check that the neighbours don't actually hate sprouts first 😂 There are loads more left for us and our daughter's family too.  I can't wait for Spring so that growing will begin again in earnest.

We found a couple of damp patches in our old shed which will need attention at some point, just not today. Gaps in the wood will require filling at some point. A dry day is needed to do it.

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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