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Getting Into The Christmas Spirit!

Today was haircut day so that I can be spruced up in time for Christmas.  DD came for lunch and just before I went out she took this Snapchat photo of me. It makes me look 10 years younger.  What a filter can do, eh? 😅😂  (Hair, clothes and teeth all my own!!)

On my way back to the car I popped into Morrisons for next week's TV guide and succumbed to a scratchcard.  Yay! It's definitely a lucky day today.  £25 to help me to the end of the month!  We can buy a drink at next Tuesday's bingo and I'll buy something for the food bank too. Yay again!

Sue Hall pointed me in the direction of Kath Kelly's book How I Lived on £1 A Day.  I read a bit on Amazon and it's right up my street so I decided to go for it and got the kindle download for £2.08.  It will definitely be food for thought in the new year when we begin our new 'Frugal Year on a Tight Budget'  (I just thought up the title ....might be good... 😊😍 )

Anyway, I cooked salmon en croute for lunch for the three of us so it will be an easy tea, just crusty cobs with ham or cheese and some cherry tomatoes , followed by trifle.  A glass of Bailey's Irish cream could also be in the equation somewhere.  Well the title of this blog post is:

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit !!

How was your day?

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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