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In my last post I told you about the vouchers for free foodie gifts from Sainsbury's.  I had a restless night on Saturday/Sunday night as my neck and shoulders were quite painful so couldn't sleep well.  I awoke at just before 2am and was still awake at 5am.  I must have dropped off just after that because when I woke up again G had gone to work.  I decided to take the short drive to the supermarket just after opening at 10am to see if they had re-stocked.  They had!  I was lucky to get the crisps and cheesecake on offer;  normal cost £2.50 and £3.00 respectively, so £5.50 worth for FREE.......

Not only did I get them free but I scanned bonus points coupons as an experiment when I went to the Smartscan checkout point ( fully expecting them to be rejected) and they were accepted giving me an additional 650 points worth £3.25  I only had to pay for milk, eggs and pizza @ £2.79 so, when you think about it, I was paid to shop.... 👍

G loves Christmas pudding and I'm not so keen as it's far too sweet so I buy him tiny, one portion puddings at £1 each.  In my food delivery this week they had run out of small puddings but sent me a big version valued at £3 and refunded the £2 difference as a voucher off next week.  I don't mind that at all.  It will feed the family when they visit 😀

Have you managed to pick up any bargains lately?

Stay safe everyone, wherever in the world you happen to be and I'm sending special thoughts to the parts of the US which have suffered the terrible consequences of the recent tornado xx

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