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An Interesting Offer & A Proud Moment

The first Christmas card from our new neighbours dropped onto the mat yesterday.  This little pug is so cute!

By the way, I keep forgetting to say how much I enjoyed the Dance School show last weekend.  The annual event is usually held in a theatre type venue with a good sound system and lavish costumes but this year, because of all the restrictions in place, it was held in a local gym with jigsaw matting for the dance area and the dancers were all dressed in black leotards and leggings.  It was AMAZING! Ability ranged from tiny 3 year olds with arms and legs all over the place to the precision of the 17 year olds, like my Granddaughter, who has won hundreds of trophies in competitions across the country.. She made me very proud 😊

The postie delivered an interesting bit of mail from Sainsburys.....

It shows that I have shopped with them 42 times this year (not really a surprise as I have my shopping delivered weekly) and have popped loose produce in my basket a measly 5 times.  As I have home deliveries I have no control over that aspect sadly.....

There are vouchers for bonus Nectar points on certain purchases.....

And 3 free gifts!  As we needed a TV guide for next week we took the 5 minute drive to the local store so that I could redeem the vouchers.....

I got ....zilch....the shelves were bare in all 3 sections.  I might have to try again on another day.   I noticed gaps in lots of aisles especially crisps.  Has everyone stocked up on them like they did the toilet rolls??

One interesting snippet shows that I purchased 930 portions of fruit and veg this year.  It sounds like a lot but 5 a day x 365 days equals 1825 !  And that's just one person, so times that by two and it comes to 3650 👀😟  I know we have been eating fruit and veg from the allotment as well but I think there is still a shortfall.  Must try harder.....

The leaflet also shows that I am #6 buyer of tinned pears! 😂😇😂  We like them on our breakfast cereal.  I wonder what the 5 buyers ahead of me do with them?

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for popping in x

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