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I must confess that this post was inspired by the ' 2  Sue's '  😀  Both are book lovers and will happily confess to that;  Sue from A Smaller and Simpler Life and Sue from My Quiet life in Suffolk.
Like you I love my books although I had to sell or donate a very high proportion of them when we moved last time.  Now that we have the bungalow,  I still have my new acquisitions guarded by my book dragon in the bedroom. I'm about to begin the Milly Johnson one very soon.....

But there is now room for a display cabinet in the sitting room which just happens to look much nicer with a few colourful books on the shelves  😂....

Whilst unpacking my few remaining books I re-discovered my Bible which my Sister and her (now) husband bought me for my 6th birthday...... well as my well used school Hymn book. It's a bit battered but it's 60 years old after all....

Inside is the not very neatly written school hymn.  Talk about blots on my copy book!

I can't part with these two for sentimental reasons.  I wish now that I had kept my Sunday school prizes.
How long have you had your oldest book?

Stay safe everyone, wherever in the world you happen to be x

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