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 Today is my birthday. I find it hard to believe that I'm 72 years old already 😱 DD and the family came to visit on Saturday and Son in Law fitted a security light up for us in the back garden. Now we are more countryside than town it's quite dark in the garden at night and I don't want to be tripping up when I go out to the bins. I have fancied a big open faced clock in the kitchen, placed above the table, ever since I saw theirs in the garden, so they bought me one as a surprise birthday present. It's a lovely 'rubbed' silver colour wlth black hands and I love it. No excuses now to be late for anything!

I really want to start getting involved in village life as I rarely go out other than on errands so I've been trying to track down local WI groups without much luck. I applied to join the Facebook closed group (no response whatsoever), the local church is closed and you have to still book to attend a service, and I can't find a theatre group anywhere.  How do you go about finding these groups? I would also volunteer at a food bank if I was needed. I'll just have to keep looking.....

Since we moved our post has been delivered about once a week, if we're lucky, so I might or might not have some birthday cards today! I've got 3 anyway ; one from my very best friend, one from DD and one from my Grandchildren. We are meeting them tonight for a pub meal as it's Son in Laws birthday today too. I'm looking forward to that 😁

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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