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A Catchup Post

 It's been almost a week since my birthday already.  Thank you so much to everyone who commented and left me lovely birthday greetings.  I appreciate each and every one of you 😊  

Our meal at the local steakhouse with the family was nice, but unremarkable, and very expensive and I felt guilty that our Son in Law insisted on treating us.  The Grandchildren really enjoyed their meal and ate almost every scrap though so it wasn't money wasted.  G and I just had a main course and soft drinks .  I don't think we'll be going there again any time soon but it was lovely to see the family.

Our post was late with my birthday cards.  We had a great wodge of post two days later including  4 cards.

Thank you for your suggestions for finding groups to join.  The  facebook WI group does seem to be inactive.  I popped into the village library on Friday, filled in the form to join and was given a card there and then.  What a revelation it turned out to be! The two ladies on duty were veritable mines of information regarding walking groups, exercise classes and craft groups etc  I will investigate and decide what I want to join soon.  They will be restarting classes at the library during the afternoon too.

I noticed when I did the online shopping that the delivery slots are creeping up in price, possibly due to increases in fuel prices and wages of delivery drivers.  My usual slot has gone up from £1 to £3 so I've changed the time to a cheaper one and after careful consideration we have ordered a small chest freezer for the garage.  It is especially suitable for outbuildings (so the blurb says) and is ok down to -15 C. This will mean that I can batch cook and portion it up to freeze for when I really don't feel up to cooking, which seems to happen more and more lately 😕 and during the growing season I can freeze allotment produce.  Meanwhile I'll top it up with supermarket veg, meat for G as well as fish, just in case we get a hard Winter.  I ordered the freezer last night and it will be here sometime on Tuesday.  They will apparently text me a 4 hour delivery slot on the day.  Not bad at all for a total of £169.

Wow, 1pm and my tummy is growling at me.  Time for lunch...

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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