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What to do on a cold, wet Saturday in August


I awoke to drizzle and, with the promise of a wet, miserable day ahead, decided to crack on with something productive..

I didn't sleep well last night for worrying that our move will not be happening.  It seems that the only thing outstanding is from the management company of our current home who are simply not replying to emails from our solicitor and so are effectively blocking the sale.  I have to forget it and hope that the solicitor can sort it out eventually.

Anyway, after a leisurely breakfast of muesli, fruit and yogurt I hopped into the car and drove to our local M&S for some easy ready meals as I'm totally fed up with cooking.  Just over £16 spend has put 5 ready meals in the fridge as well as a box of cookies which our Granddaughter loves.  It will be her birthday on 1st September so I  will give her those along with some money in her card envelope.

The breadmaker is on, producing a lovely crusty loaf for tea......

My hair is feeling messy and in need of a cut.  I rang the posh looking salon down the road and they can fit me in on Monday afternoon.  Perhaps a new haircut will give me the mental boost I need.

Half an hour left before G comes back from work so time for this....

Tomorrow there is an antiques fair at Himley Hall from 9am to 4pm.  Weather permitting, I'll be having a wander round there.  It costs £2 to park and £2 entry fee to the fair but it's in the open air so should be quite safe.  I  can take a flask and a sandwich.  I LOVE antiques fairs 🥰

What are you doing this weekend?

Stay safe everyone x

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