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Tumbling Toms and An Update

 This morning is promising to turn into another hot and beautiful day for sunlovers with 31 degrees forecast.  It will be a bit too hot for me so I'll be either sitting in the shade or inside the house with the fan on!

The update is about our potential move.  We sold our house within a week to first time buyers and have found a bungalow we like in a lovely quiet setting with no upward chain. Simple ....or so we thought 🤔 6 weeks later our buyers are struggling to get their mortgage sorted and we are in danger of losing the bungalow. I'm wondering whether to put ours back on the market quickly. What do you think?

Our Tumbling Tom tomatoes look lovely....

But they are dry and tasteless, despite regular watering and feeding....

Any suggestions what I can do with them? Is it worth roasting  them do you think? There are loads more on the plants and I'm loathe to waste them.  Suggestions welcome please!

On the allotment we have been harvesting:

Potatoes (Colleen)

Broad beans (horrible blackfly but tasty beans)


Runner beans (our first 6 beans 😋)



Spring onions


And we swapped potatoes for some delicious raspberries with our allotment neighbour, who is a lovely chap.

Its going to be hard work watering in this hot weather but we love sharing our produce with our daughter, my brother and several lovely neighbours who we are seeing a little more of with the imminent easing of restrictions.  From tomorrow masks and social distancing will not be required but we will not be ditching ours anytime soon.  Will you?

We've both done our lateral flow tests this morning (negative) and our daughter and the family are doing theirs too so we are going over there this afternoon for a barbie 😀 

Enjoy your day wherever in the world you happen to be. Stay well x

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