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I roasted the cherry tomatoes as suggested and, after removing the skins, froze them to use later on pasta or pizza.  The Tumbling Tom plants have now been emptied out of the hanging basket and put on the compost heap at the allotment.   Nothing has been wasted. 

From the allotment we have been eating:

Potatoes (we still have enough to feed the whole village!)

French beans

Runner beans

Spring onions


Unfortunately,  the last 3 cabbages bolted in the heat so were chopped up and added to the compost.

The Mammoth onions are becoming enormous. The one in the photo is one of the smaller ones! G seems to have a 'thing' about gi-normous onions ever since he won first prize at the village show 🙄 One single onion lasts us about a week and we have a whole raised bed full .  Heaven knows what we will do with them all 🤔

We have 9 healthy looking sweetcorn plants but I have no idea when the corn will be ready to pick.  Any suggestions from Gardeners out there will be very welcome.....

I intended to go to the allotment this morning to pick runner beans for my best friend but it's now raining heavily so I might have to bide my time and go this afternoon instead. At least I won't have to go and water the plants.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x 

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