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Rain, Rain And More Rain


The last 10 days have been pretty boring (apart from the parties next door) with lots and lots of rain interspersed with weak sunshine.  It has done the garden and allotment a power of good and everything has put on enormous growth spurts.  From the allotment, we have been picking lots of rhubarb for crumbles, distributing a share to our daughter, my brother, and a lovely neighbour and our first radishes have been pulled and eaten.  They were delicious 'Breakfast Radishes'; not too hot but very crunchy and tasty so we have sowed more seed in the raised bed.   Although we had grease banded the apple trees earlier on I decided to try a tip from someone and apply a thick ring of vaseline below the grease band to try to deter the earwigs which spoiled a lot of the Bramley cooking apples last year.  I don't know if it will work but it's worth a try.  I dare say I will have to replenish it every couple of weeks but I have a BIG jar of the stuff 😀

The 'first early' potatoes have been earthed up 3 times so are doing really well and the 'second earlies' are showing the first bit of growth.

The photo above shows the tiny Canada Goose goslings which we came across when we went for a walk in the park last week.  They were drinking from and paddling in a dirty puddle watched over by some adult geese.  We counted 12 and they were so sweet 😊

Next week is going to be just as unexciting, I think, because more rain is forecast for the whole week and we have our Pneumonia jabs to look forward to on Monday 👀  I feel a bit like a pin cushion.  That will be my 5th jab in just a few months.  Ah well, needs must.......

I'm off to the shower now and will have to try to decide what we are having for tea tonight.  There's not much in the fridge/freezer right now .......

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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