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A Plan Thwarted & a Chuckle

 After all my efforts over the last week or so to reduce our electricity consumption, I came downstairs this morning to find that G, who came to bed after me, had left the sitting room light on ALL NIGHT 😒 Well, that's wiped out any savings right away...grrr....

In the post this morning were 2 energy statements from British Gas: one gas, one electricity.  Fair enough you might say, but we also received one last Friday for electricity following my submitting a reading, as requested.  Today's bill is estimated for 3 days useage.  Why? Especially as we have been getting paperless billing over the last 12 months.  The cost of admin must be rocketing and will be passed on to the consumer I'm sure.  I despair.....

I couldn't resist chuckling at this sign which my nephew posted on social media though, it says it all 😂

I was, however, quite disappointed to find that Ernie hasn't drawn any of my premium bond numbers again this month.

I live in hope! 😉

The sun is just beginning to emerge so I'm off to open some windows and tackle the ironing.

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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