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On Wednesday morning G and I had our Covid-19 vaccine which turned out to be a totally well organized and fuss free procedure.  We were directed straight in by a lovely smiling (despite her mask!) lady and given the Pfizer vaccine, once more asking our consent to give it.  Then 15 minutes sitting on a chair in a well ventilated and well spaced area just to check there were no immediate ill effects and then off home.  I can honestly say, hand on heart, that it was virtually painless and we have had no side effects whatsoever other than an expected bit of tenderness in the muscle of the upper arm where the needle went in.  This lasted from Wednesday evening until Thursday afternoon then disappeared. Our booster will be given in approximately 12 weeks and we were given a small card with the details of the batch number etc of the vaccine we had been given. 

Changing the subject entirely....thank you to all the people who commented on my last 2 posts.  I do read all comments but just haven't got around to responding.  I appreciate each and every comment 😀

As we're into a new month, I did a roundup of the food shopping bill for January. Thankfully, I managed to pull back the spending so that the total for the month is well within budget....

2021 Food Spend to date:

January  £46.35    £93.27   £142.65   £192.58 total 

I don't want to bore you rigid with a blow by blow account of my food spending so I'll leave it at that unless there is something monumental (like massive savings) to report!  I'm still going to reign it all in whilst keeping a decent store cupboard in case of shortages in the long term.

Have you noticed shortages in the supermarket?  My online shop had no decent muesli (the basic one sent was merely dust 😏) and the tinned rice was substituted with a low fat version.  Both items were sent back for a refund and I've been given a substitution voucher for £1.25 which I can take off the cost of my next delivery on Wednesday 10th. Oh and there were no Birds Eye Peas!   Having said that, I'm incredibly grateful for online deliveries still.  I really can't imagine a time when I will be comfortable pushing a trolley around the supermarket ever again.   Ilona from Life Without Money visits Aldi at 8.30pm to do her shopping.  I might try the same at some point....

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now as I'm off to make hot dogs with fried onions for lunch 😜

Nut roast and lots of veggies with gravy for tea too 😁

Stay safe, my friends, wherever in the world you happen to be x

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