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The Pop of Spring and A Call to Arms

As I  haven't left the house since Thursday last we drove the short distance to our nearest park for a good walk this morning.  Now that the Covid testing station has been removed I feel much more comfortable with going there.  There were hardly any people at all  just a few intrepid dog walkers wrapped up to the nines against the cold.  Donning our hats, scarves and gloves we set off at a brisk pace up through the woodland walk. was muddy.  There was evidence of bicycles having churned it all up at some point.  How we long for a good walk which doesn't involve mud! Beneath the trees were hundreds of tiny snowdrops.  They are so beautiful.....

The park usually has at least a dozen wooden benches where we can sit and rest but, do you know, they have removed every single one except for this one which is cemented into the ground.  A step too far do you think? I do....

Along the muddy path we met a little Robin.  He came right up to my feet to feed on the insects lurking in the mud.  Isn't  he lovely 😀

The 'Call to Arms' in the title refers to a phone call I received early this morning asking if we would like the Covid vaccine.  Note I said 'asking' not informing us .  There is  a choice. We both said "yes please" and we will have them at our local community centre on Wednesday.  If it helps others then we feel its the least we can do.  My sister, brother in law and sister in law have already had theirs (last week as they are older than us) and they are not suffering any ill effects.  I'll let you know how we get on  😷

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x 

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