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The Cost of No Haircuts !

I usually get my hair cut every 7 weeks at a local hair salon, costing £19 for a shampoo, cut and finish.  The very last time I was able to go the cost had been increased to £21, presumably to make up for revenue lost during lockdown and subsequent social distancing measures.  Anyway, by now I would have just had my second trim of the year.  I have saved £42 plus tips but IT SHOWS!!

This is me today......

And this is how I like to look!  Spot the difference......

I can't wait to get it trimmed but dare not tackle it myself.  Perhaps I should ask  my daughter to get the clippers on it once we can meet up in the garden.  After all, she's been trimming her son's and hubby's hair all through lockdown 😷

Have you trimmed your own  hair? How did it turn out?

Thanks so much for popping in and commenting.   Stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x


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