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On Screws & Charity Bags

Yesterday started off quite wet and windy, but by afternoon things had improved enough for G to get into the garden.  He's bought a self assembly cold frame/greenhouse type kit and I was glad to usher him outside to construct it and to leave me in peace 😊  After a while, I was observing his efforts through the window and saw a small plastic packet fall from the patio table to the ground so I shouted "is there anything important in that packet? It just blew off the table".  "Yes" G replied "the screws".  At that point another gust of wind skittered the packet across the lawn to the end of the garden and by the time he had sauntered over and picked it up, guess how many screws were left?  That's correct...NONE! It took me almost half an hour to locate about half of the dozen or so missing screws.  G couldn't find a single one. Men!   Why were they not in his pocket? 😏 We'll be finding them on the lawn for months....

Anyway, Spring is almost here.  My tete-a-tete daffodils are showing their pretty little heads.  The pot is far too big to show them off properly but it was the only one we had available at the time....

Today the weather is gorgeous.  I put G's tatty old gardening jacket into the machine first thing this morning and then pegged it out in the sunshine.  It's virtually dry.  I'll do mine tomorrow if it's sunny again.

Since we moved, over a year ago, the delivery of charity bags through the letterbox has been non-existent for obvious reasons.  Neither have the charity shops been open and so I have been popping odd unwanted items into a carrier bag in the wardrobe.  Today we received this.....

I have until Sunday evening to have a bit of a sort out and get rid of some unwanted items to a good cause so that's my task for the next few days.  I would imagine that charities have lost an awful lot of revenue due to Covid and they will be gearing up to reopen at some point soon.  Do you get these collection bags in your area?

Thank you everyone for your comments on my haircut post.  They brought a smile and sometimes an outright chuckle too.

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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