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 Gosh, we're almost at the end of yet another month and time to check the finances.

My car insurance is due in the middle of next month so I listened to Martin Lewis 😀 and searched via a price comparison website for a new policy.  Last year I paid £229.98 and although the renewal came in lower at £203.56 the comparison site came back with a quote of £160.16 including protected no claims discount (which I didn't have before) so it was, as they say a "no-brainer" to go with the new, well known, company.  They sent out the documents within a couple of days too which is impressive.  The last company was online only so a bit trickier to get the documents. Anyway, I'm very happy with the price and I can travel 3000 miles in the coming year! That's a laugh isn't it 😂  I wish....

I've checked the gas & electricity accounts and we are on track with our monthly DD payments of £36 for electricity and £15.66 for Gas but I want to ensure we don't waste any electricity as that account is close to the wire, as it were, with a predicted mere 20p credit balance at the end of the plan.  I fixed the new tariff for 2 years (again thanks to Martin Lewis) so we know roughly what we will have to pay in coming months but we need to be aware of wasting electricity so .....

1) Ceiling lights off and table lamp on in the evening

2) The Humax box will be turned off until needed rather than left on standby

3) Mobile phones and tablets to be unplugged as soon as charged (and not left on all night G!!) 

4) Don't overfill the kettle for 2 mugs of tea G ! And don't switch it on at all if you don't intend to drink said mug of tea 😒

Do you have any tips for saving on electricity please?

The Council Tax bills will be dropping onto the mat soon. According to the internet the rates are increasing to a higher level than last year but I'm not too worried about it as I've allowed an uplift of 5% in the budget for 2021.


There was no party again next door this weekend...hooray!....😀  It was absolute bliss so I think she had gone out again.  Long may it continue....

The biggie yesterday was Boris's announcement of the 'road map' out of lockdown with schools to reopen on 8th March  ( I can hear all the mums cheering!) and I will actually be able to meet our Daughter in an outside space for coffee together from the same date.  I can't wait....😂

Unfortunately there will be no haircut until at least 15th April and it depends on Covid numbers falling at the expected rate.  It's all down to behaviour folks 👀 My hair needs a tidy up!

Thanks so much for popping in. Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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