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There IS Hope.....

 When I woke up this morning it had begun to snow again and the temperature was barely above freezing. 

We are once again under national lockdown. It won't change much about our day to day life because, having been in tier 4 anyway, our lives have been severely restricted for some time.  G took a call from his manager at 'You Can Do It' this morning, asking if he wants to be furloughed again due to his age.  He reluctantly agreed (he will miss the activity of working in the garden dept as well as talking to colleagues) but requested that he be able to return to work once he has received the vaccine.  He will be 71 this Saturday so might get the jab before the end of February if things go to plan.  I like the freedom of weekends to myself but really don't want to risk him picking up the new strain of Covid.  He has been very lucky up to now.  Two of his colleagues have had the virus.  The first person was in March/April during the first lockdown.  He spent 3 weeks on a ventilator and has since suffered extreme fatigue and depression.  The second, a young student aged 21, picked it up in the week before Christmas.  He has had milder symptoms in that he didn't go to hospital but felt very ill and is still off work.  He too is suffering fatigue and very, very down.  

3 family members (who I never see in the flesh) have also had it, one aged just 23.  This virus is very real.  It makes me so angry when I see and hear people dismissing it as a hoax.  

A big thank you to the people who commented on my last post.  I find it so very sad that people worldwide are having to battle with not seeing their families as well as having to cope with health issues and day to day pressure of daily life. But we can all plan for the future.  It seems that, after hugging family members, travel is the second thing most longed for.  I echo that.....

Stick with it my friends, we are on the last lap and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

To end on a lighter note:  did you notice the two trees in the photo of our garden?  No?
I'm not surprised because they just look like (expensive) sticks at the moment, especially my lovely Rowan tree 😅
Roll on Spring....

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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