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 At the end of the year it's so tempting to look back with nostalgia at what has been left behind.  Like many bloggers do to welcome in the new year I tidy up, clear out and refresh, including the computer.  This morning whilst deleting unwanted photographs I found this photo of our park home which we had to leave in December 2019.  We got the keys in December 2009 and moved our belongings in during one of the worst Winters we had experienced in years.  After the initial snagging (including leaking water pipes and a leaky sewage pipe!) had been completed, we found it warm and cosy and fully expected to spend our retirement in the country........

It wasn't to be....After G developed health problems, the stress of trying to juggle healthcare appointments with February shutdown of the park proved too much and we had to leave and buy our little semi on the edge of town.  If only we could go back to 2009 and experience those years again before all the health issues surfaced I would be very happy. 

I doubt if any of us will miss 2020 so lets look forward to whatever good things 2021 will bring.  We are en route to Spring so get planning folks!  We can't wait to get back to the allotment and we hope to be able to plan something good for our Golden  Wedding Anniversary in October, even if it's only a meal in a restaurant.

What would you like to do in 2021?

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