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What an Eventful Week!

 Thank you to everyone for your lovely, and varied, comments on my last post. It was great fun 😀

Well...what an eventful time we have had since my last jottings.  I expected my skin cancer to have been removed last Friday 27th but due to a mix up (partly my own fault) I discovered (only the day before) that the appointment was actually a consultation for another procedure and I am still awaiting an appointment for the skin clinic.  The Friday appointment didn't go well and I left the hospital in tears and feeling quite traumatised and with no confidence at all in the Consultant.  

Luckily, G's op yesterday was a textbook procedure.  Lovely NHS staff, the lump removed, and lots of information given out both before and after.  I dropped him off at 9am and got the call to collect him at 9.45am.  He has to return in around 9 days to have the stitches removed.  Job done.  Fantastic....

He has so many appointments coming up for GP calls, eye clinic, telephone consultation regarding the non-existent MRI scans etc that he is filling up the calendar for December all by himself 😏  Even his new glasses have had to be returned because everything was blurred when he put them on.

I just feel that we have to sort G out first then I might get my own health sorted at last.  I really don't want my own procedures to be carried out too close to Christmas in case anything goes wrong.  I would be left with no one to turn to if the GP was closed and the hospitals overwhelmed....

Thinking of Christmas, I am really struggling to book an online food delivery slot for Christmas week.  There is absolutely nothing available from Sunday 20th to Wednesday 23rd, after which they are closed for 3 days.  I can bulk up the next 2 deliveries a bit but really wanted some fresh veg and salads the weekend before Christmas at least.

How are you doing? Do you have a slot booked?

Anyway, my little car is going in for it's MOT tomorrow. I really hope that it doesn't need any work because a) I don't want to spend any money on it at this point and b) I need it to run G about to his appointments.  Fingers crossed! 

Thanks for popping in and do stay safe everyone, wherever in the world you happen to be x

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