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With a Resigned Sigh....

Here we go again....lockdown for a month.  I'm not going to articulate why I think this has come about because most of us know why and I have an awful feeling that it will be extended until 2 weeks before Christmas so hey ho.....a new plan.

Thank you so very much for all the comments and good wishes (again) on my last post.  It must be quite depressing to read my ramblings right now so I am extra grateful for you lovely people for taking the time to read and comment 😄

This post will be a POSITIVE one!  (big pants at the ready Marlene!!)

Hopefully we are all better prepared this time with cupboards and pantries, fridges and freezers stocked with essentials to last the 4 weeks or even longer. I am lucky to have a food delivery tomorrow and also one booked for the following week so I'll bulk up next week's order as necessary in case of shortages.

I have just taken delivery of 2 new books delivered by post as the library will again be closed. I did check the library list for the Richard Osman one and I was 125th on the waiting list.  It must be good!

I have ordered a couple of Christmas gifts to be delivered by post too so I don't need to brave the shops anytime soon, even when they re-open at some point.

G and I will spend our time pottering in the garden and allotment (weather permitting) picking chard and calabrese while it lasts and planning what to grow in Spring.  Our seed order is on it's way and we have raspberry canes and a blackberry bush due sometime later, not sure exactly when. I will, read and knit as I have some yarn stashed in a box (somewhere) since the move, watch TV in the evenings only, make my Christmas cards and simply sit it out.

Our hospital appointments will come at some point so it's not worth worrying about them.  And my hair?  Pfft...I've been here before and survived 😅

Are you better prepared this time?

Stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x

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