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On Finance & Being Grateful

 The weather doesn't seem to know what to do with itself today.  I awoke to torrential rain at 8am, then the sun came out, disappeared once more and now it's beautiful again, if a bit windy.  I've done my morning chores, emptied the bin, put out the recycling, washed up including my flower vase which I used for my birthday flowers ( I just realised I never said I had a birthday on 1st November) and put on a load of washing.  Lunch will be a gravy meal so quite straightforward, then I can relax this afternoon.  G has the day off for once so we can relax together 😊

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.  I do appreciate it.


Oh dear.... I began this post this morning and had to postpone publishing...... It's now 2pm, raining again and G has just gone off to the allotment and I quote " just for a look" 👀  I have no idea what he can actually look at because all our produce has finished!  I think he would rather be at work than relaxing at home!

On a different subject, yesterday I reviewed the finances after receiving a letter from DWP confirming that we have each been granted £100 Winter fuel allowance.  I never take it for granted and wouldn't have been surprised under the circumstances to find that we didn't get it this year.  At this moment in time, when people are furloughed or losing their jobs, I am incredibly grateful that we have the state pension and now the fuel allowance.  We are now on mains gas too so I no longer have to watch the gauge on the tank and worry that a) we don't have the funds to fill the tank or b) the tanker can't through to us because of bad weather.  We can relax and stay warm.  

Things to sort out:

1) the house insurance is due early next month so I need to get quotes

2) my car is due it's MOT on 15th Dec so need to decide where to take it

3) our energy fix ends at the beginning of January so I need to look out for a similar deal

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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