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To The Doubters

 Firstly, a very warm welcome to Barbara, it's lovely to meet you 😊

Just a short post today folks. 

A family member (family by marriage and whom I never see in person) was very vocal about the stupidity of having to socially distance.  It's been confirmed that she, her husband and young step-daughter have all tested positive for the virus, that's 3 out of 4 members of the same family.  She is feeling very ill...

The local news feed on my phone has just let me know that an outbreak has been declared at the local 111 call centre which is about 2 miles away.  3 members of staff went on holiday together and contracted the virus.  The result is that 16 other members of staff are now in self isolation. That's 19 members of staff being unavailable to work because 3 people 'needed' a holiday WTF.....

I will wear a mask everywhere I shop

I will continue to wash my hands on a regular basis and

I will give space to others 

It's the least I can do...

Stay safe everyone, wherever in the world you happen to be x

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"Dengan berbicara di belakang, berarti kau cukup menghargai keberadaanku untuk tidak bertingkah di depan mukaku."

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