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A Weekend Treat

As we have been spending far more on our foodshop than ever before,  I have not been  ordering cake or many sweet treats in the online order.  We have recently felt the need for a sugar fix  so I succumbed to temptation and ordered an Afternoon Tea box from Morrisons . Costing just £15 including delivery, it arrived right on time this morning. 'Simon' rang the bell and the sturdy box was left on the door mat.  It contained a nice, fresh, sliced loaf, a box of lemon bakewell tarts, 4 scones, a scrumptious chocolate cake,  a small packet of teabags......

All packed neatly and, thankfully, unsquashed 😉 ........

Beneath those was a cold package and inside the fleece were 2 ice packs, some Cravendale milk, clotted cream and 4 tiny pots of strawberry jam for the scones, and two packs of sandwich fillings; egg mayo and cheese & onion.......

The fleece will be used on the allotment and the cardboard box recycled.  Actually, on second thoughts, the box can be composted too.  We will soon be taking up all the spent vegetable matter to put on the compost heap so cardboard will be a useful addition to that..... 

I did try to write this post on my tablet but Blogger had other ideas so please excuse the apparent random-ness of the photos.  They are not in the order in which I actually wanted them!

Anyway, I added up the cost of the items which came to £11.09 plus the jam.  I couldn't find the small jars on the website so have added on a normal jar of the same brand at £2.60 making a total of £13.69
This leaves just £1.31 which I could have saved by shopping instore myself .  In my view, £1.31 for having someone drop it at the door on a designated day with a 1 hour time slot is a 'no brainer' as they say.  I am safely indoors and just had to wipe everything down with sanitiser before putting things away. G will think he's in heaven when he gets back from work too!!

I have arranged to meet DD and her family this afternoon in a local pub/restaurant to have a meal together because we aren't allowed to meet in our homes right now.  Masks will be worn until the meals arrive at the table (table service only) and I will be taking my own cutlery in a plastic bag.   I have downloaded the NHS test and trace App ( I did it on launch day) and will scan the QR code on entry.  We are trying to do everything by the rules but I still worry.  I do need to see the family though, we are all struggling with isolation in one way or another.

Has anyone else downloaded the App?  Do you think it will work in reducing numbers of infections?
If you live in another country do you have a similar App there too?

Stay safe everyone, wherever in the world you happen to be x


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