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A Double Whammy...

 Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.  I think most people know how to be sensible and we can only look after our own families, I think.

We have had another eventful few days.  After my shock diagnosis of skin cancer, I persuaded G to ring the nurse about a lump which has appeared over the last few weeks on his temple (mine on the right, his on the left) She asked to see a photograph and then booked him in for a face to face consultation a few days later.  In the meantime antibiotic cream was prescribed to put on it.  On Monday morning he tootled off to see the nurse and by lunchtime the local hospital was ringing him to offer an appointment the next day.  An appointment within 24 is unheard of!  This rang alarm bells with me.  Anyway he pootled off to see the consultant next day, on his own as I was not allowed to go with him.  He was told that he too has skin cancer.  He had to go to another department to have the lump photographed and measured (4mm) and snapped a shot of the form he had to take with him on his phone.  The consultant had written SCC? Even with my scant medical knowledge I read that as a possible Squamous Cell Carcinoma which is NOT a good kind to get.  He is now awaiting treatment too and more than 4 weeks on I still haven't been called for.  I sincerely hope that G is treated first.....

On the news tonight we have been told that our area is moving up a tier from medium into high lockdown.  What more can happen?  Do you ever feel that you are a swan; calm and serene on the outside but paddling like mad beneath the water to stay afloat?  That's exactly how I feel right now......

Stay safe everyone, wherever in the world you happen to be x

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