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Our Free Shed And Other News

Thank you to everyone who left comments on my last post.  I haven't got around to responding individually but I appreciate each and every one.  

We have been busy catching up with tasks, doing bits to the garden and tidying up bits of the allotment too.  We were quite disappointed with the crop of potatoes, the peas didn't produce very well, the lettuce was mainly wolfed down by slugs, the onions failed and our apple crops were spoilt, in the main, by earwigs and a few codling months.  Today we grease banded the apple trees and did a bit of pruning to let in some air and improve the shape of them for next year.

We are still picking chard, runner beans and a few tomatoes.

Our daughter and SiL were replacing their shed so we were given the old one for the allotment.   As you can see, it suits me well for when I need a break and a flask of coffee 🙂

Parts of it have seen better days and light is visible in places, but it can be repaired and last a little longer. Waste not want not......

My Boots parcel arrived on Tuesday containing my free goodies (thanks to my loyalty points) so I will not be needing to buy toiletries for a while...


I haven't managed to review the household budget yet so that will be my next task ; to check if  income is covering outgoings.  I'm sure it is but I need to check the actual figures, especially as food spending has rocketed. 

Thanks for popping in and stay safe, wherever in the world you happen to be x

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