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During lockdown I have done more reading than ever before and I have 3 favourite British authors whose books I lap up as soon as they are released.  One of these is Milly Johnson.  Her style of writing is absorbing, with down to earth language and with plot lines which draw me in every time.  Her characters are believable and I always end up rooting for the good people and scorning the nasty ones (as you should!)  I had an email from her this morning.  Her last book My One True North is on offer in the US at $1.99 via kindle on  Go grab a copy! It's a beautiful book :)

I bought my UK version a few weeks back and I couldn't put it down.....

Is anyone else a Milly Fan?

A warm welcome to Jeangenie, thank you for following :)

Stay safe, wherever in the world you happen to be x

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