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Mojo Comes Home & Rude Veg!

 Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind comments on my last post.  I think lots of mojos have gone on strike over the last few months! Mine returned this morning, I'm happy to say 😊 and all due to my food box....

 I decided to order a Morrisons Vegetarian Essentials box to keep the cost of shopping down this week.  'Simon'  (all drivers seem to be called Simon 🤔) kindly popped it inside the hall for me to save me lifting it over the step (without being asked, and also keeping distanced) At £35 it contains enough items for several meals as well as bread, butter and Cravendale milk which lasts for ages without going off.  There is also tinned soup, lots of veg; baby potatoes, sweet baby peppers, spinach, a bag of onions, a bag of wonky carrots.....

Ooh what do I spy in the carrot bag .... OMG 😲 🤣

Now THAT cheered me up! Nature at the rescue again.  It shows that even commercial producers don't always grow perfect veg 😉

The one disappointment is the dented tin of beans. 

Mind you, they are pretty awful beans. They are in pale sauce and break up on reheating so are not much of a loss.

From the allotment we are still eating:

Runner beans

Spring onions



Gardeners Delight tomatoes which are ripening at last.

There's not much else ready though....

Cauliflower and Calabrese are developing nicely.  Green manure has been grown and dug into a previously unused bed for next year's potatoes and more green manure seed scattered on the failed potato bed of this year.  This will be dug in later on.

Have a lovely mojo filled day yourself and stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x

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