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I've Lost My Mojo!

 G tootled off to work just after 6am this morning and won't be home until 4.30pm.  I got up to wave him off then went back to bed until 8am, the day looming empty and un-inspirational.  I have completely lost my mojo.  Before lockdown (BL) I used to relish the weekend to myself to shop, potter, craft and have the family to visit.  Now....what?...   I'm completely fed up of cooking, washing up, washing clothes, ironing, cleaning, bleaching, sanitizing.  I have absolutely NO inclination to wander around shops and supermarkets like I did BL, and of course we are again restricted from entering someone else's home or garden by local lockdowns and the Rule of 6.

I can't escape to the allotment because we only have one gate key and one shed key and G has taken them to work :(

I feel like a limp rag this morning.  WHERE ARE YOU MOJO!!

Is anyone else feeling like this?  How do you motivate yourself?

I'm following Sue Hall's Ration Challenge and she is such an inspirational woman that I feel ashamed to be so wet.  Anyway, the sun is beginning to peep out ( has the sun lost it's mojo too?) so I must make an effort to DO something.  A cup of tea first though......(Angie slinks shamefacedly away to the kitchen)

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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