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 It's been decidedly Autumnal here over the last few days; cold nights and mornings and lashings of rain too.  This morning the heating came on for the first time and, boy, was it welcome!  I had an appointment for a flu jab at 11.20am today.  It's the first one I have ever bothered with but I feel it's my duty to take whatever is on offer at the moment.  Anything which has the potential to take the winter strain off the NHS can only be a good thing surely.  What I didn't realise was that I had ben earmarked for THREE jabs!  Flu, shingles and also pneumonia.  To be honest, I didn't fancy having all 3 together as I'd never had any before and at the age of 70 have no idea if I will succumb to side effects.  In the end, I plumped for flu in one arm and shingles in the other.  I can go back in a week or two for the pneumonia one. Fine by me...

As I was driving home the sun came out and it's warmed up a fair bit.  The living room is South facing so is lovely and sunny at the moment.  G is at work, I've eaten poached egg on toast for lunch and have decided on a little crafting while it's quiet.  I have Elaine Paige on the radio with songs from the musicals (which I love) and all is well.  The world has been temporarily forgotten :)

My crafting thoughts have turned to Christmas and I have made 7 cards already.  I usually go Christmas shopping with DD to the out of town shopping centre, taking a whole day to shop, chat, and eat, but that won't be happening this time.  I have spoken to my brother & his wife and they are happy not exchanging birthday and Christmas gifts with us until this thing is over.  Ditto with friends for whom we usually buy token gifts.  Things will definitely be different this year.

Anyway, back to Elaine Paige and my papercraft!

Stay safe everyone wherever in the world you happen to be x

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