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Windy Wet Week

We have had an awful lot of rain over the last week.  Far from cooling things down, it just made us even more sticky with the humidity.  When the rain and thunderstorms finally blew themselves out by Thursday we went to the local park for a long walk.  Crikey, we were both puffing like steam trains when we were walking up the steep incline to the woodland walk!  I'm sure we have both lost muscle tone over the period of lockdown.  G is back at work now so should recover a little but I feel I'm on a downward slope.  My weight is still 10lbs less than in February.  As I'm still not going far from the house I have no idea how to build up my stamina again.  A weekly long walk simply won't hack it and I have nowhere else to walk other than along the main road alongside traffic fumes and dog walkers, and with joggers to dodge.  How I long for the country walks along the canal where we lived until Last December :(

Anyhow, I'm still paying attention to what we eat.  We need healthy options.  I'm not baking much in the way of cake because it gets left and it's been too hot to think about food, much less put the oven on!  We had very high winds again yesterday.  Winds which blew things around the garden, including the plants in pots, but it's now calmed down a little and is cool and comfortable.

Today, I'm catching up with housework, online banking, and budgeting (long overdue) whilst G is at work.  I'm hoping to do a little crafting this afternoon.  I've had a few online craft sales this week so want to keep up the momentum.

What are you doing this weekend?

Thanks so much for popping in,
Stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x

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