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How going digital can transform the patient experience

In today’s environment of rapid disruption, every healthcare company must go through a digital transformation to survive and develop a strategy that will align its evolution to rapidly changing patient expectations. But what lies beyond the buzzwords? Join us for the real talk. The way we work and how we engage our customers has to fundamentally change but how can you make actual progress and drive transformation?

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In this session we will explore:

Real lessons and learnings from people who are actively walking the path of digital transformation
How to change the way you think so you can change what you do
The role of people, process, and technology in digital transformation
How to think about partners, performance, and key activations
How to deliver connected patient experiences that deliver impact, build trust and promote loyalty
No matter where you are on your transformation journey this session will present valuable information on how you can create an ecosystem of connected patient experiences.

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This goal applies to all providers, pharma, and the health ecosystem. Connecting the dots is more important than ever.

What if you can deliver the next generation of healthcare?

How Technology Is Helping (and Hurting) Health Care

Technology is everywhere in health care — and for many reasons, that's a good thing. It's fast, it's efficient, and it can reduce errors. And yet, technology is not a cure-all. It can make people complacent, introduce new errors, and get in the way of meaningful face-to-face interactions.

Technology is here to stay and we need to learn how to get the most value from the digital world that health care increasingly relies upon. That was the focus of our conversation on the June 1 WIHI, The Digital Transformation: How Technology Is Helping (and Hurting) Health Care. 

How Technology Is Helping (and Hurting) Health Care

The Digital Health Care Transformation

Insurers' message on 'Medicare for All': We're part of the answer | Healthcare Dive: Healthcare

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