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The community-focused family medicine clinic: A “new model” in Oregon

During a time of tremendous change in medicine and health care in which no one is very happy do your want to be swept along with the 'pied pipers" of Medicare, HMOs, Private Insurers and the rest of the lot. My answer is NO! and there are many successful physicians and their Happy Patients doing their own thing and spending much less to stay healthy.

How would you like an hour with your doctor?   Really? Is this a scam?

How can we do that? These are all reasonable questions.  Read on, let me explain.

by Pamela Wible, M.D.  The Ideal Medical Clinic

"Six months ago I embarked on a quest to develop a health care model that would truly serve our community. I had an epiphany that involving the community in the creation of the clinic would be integral to the success of the venture. In neighborhoods and community centers throughout the region, I facilitated public forum discussions on the “Ideal Medical Clinic.” All participants were encouraged to express their wildest dreams and most creative visions in roundtable discussions that were remarkably lively, providing fertile material for the birth of our true community-based medical practice. Just 1 month later, 90% of the community input was incorporated into a fully functioning solo “Family and Community Medicine Clinic.” Concurrent with my venture to create the ideal medical practice locally, the Future of Family Medicine (FFM) project has spearheaded a national campaign, a call to action for family physicians to create a new model of family medicine. After substantial research, the FFM project determined the characteristics of the “New Model” of family medicine: • a personal medical home • patient-centered care • whole person orientation • team approach • elimination of barriers to access • advanced information systems **"

If you want this type of medical care...engage and own it. Start your own Ideal Medical Clinic

The Future of Family Medicine: A Collaborative Project of the Family Medicine Community

Physician Suicide Letters Answered Paperback – January 11, 2016

Pet Goats and Pap Smears

What do you really need?

Not much. The Chamber of Commerce, local business, City Council, One generous philanthropy.

BE BOLD, GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE (except Dr Wible and a few hundred others. (probably thousands by now)



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