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Burnout Declared A Health Crisis According To Harvard, Health Organizations

A number of academic institutions have belatedly reported on physician burnout and suicide.  Burnout, depression, and  PTSD amongst physicians and health providers has been reported in numerous blogs and in personal stories from physicians and their families.

Pamela Wible MD, an independent physician from Oregon has been an advocate for preventing physician suicide and bringing the truth out, rather than hiding it as a shameful act, or weakness. Physician suicided is often denied or covered up when it occurs. Pamela Wible M.D, along with professional film producer Robyn Simon produced the film, Do No Harm, was released in 2018.  It is available for group shows. The project was a Kickstarter, reaching its goal in one week from over 300 contributors (When the campaign ended we had 857 backers and $131,313 pledged. )

Producer Robyn Simon

Final Meeting of the Kickstarter Group for "Do No Harm"

Burnout is not limited to health care professionals. In today's world mounting frustrations, a decrease in living standards for millennials gives yield to hopelessness and sometimes despair and even suicide.

 A survey among Human Resources leaders showed that 95 percent feel as though burnout is “sabotaging workplace retention.” One reason for this, they say, is the overly heavy workloads put on employees.  If you’re experiencing physical or emotional ailments that may be symptomatic of burnout, it’s important to take the right steps to focus on your health.

Take an increased effort to practice self-care: physical exercise, sleep, and real-life social connections can be major influencers that help combat the emotional turmoil of burnout. And of course, never hesitate to seek professional help.

It may be difficult to take a few steps back from your obligations, but it’s often necessary to ground yourself, provide clarity, improve wellbeing and rediscover the purpose in your everyday life.

To view the survey conducted by Harvard and Massachusetts medical organizations, click here.

Burnout Declared A Health Crisis According To Harvard, Health Organizations | Darien Daily Voice: Are you emotionally exhausted, cynical and feeling hopeless? You could be experiencing burnout, which is now being considered a legitimate public health crisis by Harvard as well as several health organizations.Burnout is more than ...

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