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Best Buy, Target jump into at-home medical device market |

FDA Cleared and Reviewed*

Remote medical monitoring is reaching the consumer market at retail businesses such as Target, and Best Buy.  This is a major development for consumers.  This development opens a door for promotion, education and also competitive pricing for such devices.  Remote medical monitors are no longer a niche in health information technology, Best Buy and Target signal the beginning of a new age.  These devices will soon appear on the shelves in the health section or pharmacy alongside thermometers, blood pressure, and glucose monitors.

It simplifies the provider's direction for patients as to how to obtain an FDA approved device.  it does not require a prescription. A consumer can purchase a device on impulse.  However, a patient should consult with their physician to see if he approves and has access to reading the results.

Tyto's Remote Monitor
What's Included

A TytoHome telehealth visit is $59, possibly less if health insurance covers medical phone consultations, the company said. Tyto Care works with LiveHealth Online, which is an offer for those who buy the devices at and live outside of current coverage areas. Otherwise, the company is partnering with regional healthcare systems to provide medical care to consumers throughout the country, according to the release. That includes the not-for-profit healthcare system Sanford Health for users in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

No matter what monitor you chose, it is only part of a system.  The remote monitor must be integrated as a one end-to another, the clinicians' office.  It requires a secure reliable network, either by cell phone or internet connection. Optimally it should integrate with the electronic health record to capture the images and the voice content. As part of the integrated electronic health record, it must be interoperable in accordance with ONCHIT guidelines.

Tytocare is cloud-based. If there are no local providers Tyto provides a network of qualified telemedicine providers that will help you until you are able to see your personal physician.

Telemedicine is growing exponentially and the latest availability should be checked out by telephone with Tytos.

Be wary of any telehealth provider, and use due diligence.

This article is neither a recommendation or testimonial for Tyco.  It is provided only as an information service

FDA Cleared and Reviewed*

Best Buy, Target jump into at-home medical device market | Healthcare Dive: TytoHome

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